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Whistler Blackcomb - What we thought... :: Friday, May 07, 2004 - 02:49 AM (GMT)


We'd always tried to fit in a visit to Whistler, whilst we were in Vancouver and with a couple of spare days, we decided to head up there.
CAN$ 50 return by Greyhound each and we were on our way.....

[ Click the 'Read More' link... ]

The journey takes you through some pretty awe inspiring scenery. Lakes, mountains, trees and trees. Quite a lot of trees, actually!

We'd booked the HI hostel at Whistler. After we'd figured out where it was, we made our way over to it, only to find we couldn't check in for another 3 hours, as no one was around.

The hostel was fantastic and if it was in England, you'd be paying megabucks to stay in a hotel with that location. Located right on the shore of Alta Lake, it's absolute tranquility and peace.

Most of the peeps in the hostel were boarders/skiers. A pretty jovial bunch and a bizarre passion for 'The Game of Life'.
Once settled, we went into Whistler centre for some grub.

Whistler seemed to be a tad ghost town like. I think with the winter season over and the summer just starting, there was probably not as many peeps there.
Nice place, none the less.

Back to the hostel with some beers and chatted till the early hours.

Awoken at 06:00 by the world's longest freight train and quite possibly the nosiest. (Makes a change from your snoring, Joo)

Our coach back was 13:00, so we checked out and made our way into Whistler bus depot.

A short and sweet look at Whistler, but worth it for the peace and quiet.

We'll defo go back there.

Pictures of Whistler will be added soon, when we get the chance to upload the pictures.

Keep checking!

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